Why Faith & Work?

Why faith & work?

Our work and our culture are changing...

of U.S. adults belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, down more than 20% since the turn of the century.

(Gallup, 2020)

more Americans are “religiously unaffiliated” than just 10 years ago.

(Pew, 2019)

is the average time people will spend working over a lifetime.

(Gettysburg College)

of the U.S. population controls as much wealth as the bottom 90%, the greatest level of income inequality since the Gilded Age.

(UC Berkeley)

of Christians who are 18–29 years old have no idea how the Bible relates to their field or professional life.

(Barna, 2012)

Jeff Haanen, Founder of DIFW

God is reconciling the world to himself in Christ, which includes individuals, communities, and entire cities. Work is our chance to participate in His redemption of all things.

Watch "Work Makes the World"

The stories below exemplify just some of the ways Christians can enter into the crisis of work to make a real, tangible difference every day.


Light for Our Work: watch Karla's story.

When Karla Nugent, chief business development officer at Weifield Group Electrical Contracting, hires new electricians, her faith motivates her to hire for both quality and community impact. Watch above, or read her story in Christianity Today.


Hope in a Secular Age

Today, many feel isolated from other people of faith at work, disoriented when it comes to understanding their calling, and frustrated with a deep disintegration between “personal faith” and public commitments in fields like business, education, law, and health care. Where do we start healing the divide?

Read more


Investing can be more than just making money: The Story of Eventide Funds

Investing for Human Flourishing

Today, most average investors not only don’t fully understand investing – we don’t even know what we own. But what if investing implies ownership, and thus responsibility for the companies we support? Watch the story of how Eventide Funds, an asset management company, applies biblical wisdom and a theology of business to managing portfolios.

DIFW is filling a vital gap
often overlooked by the church:
what happens the other
six days of the week.

Philip Yancey
Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Faith & Work Through the Ages

Christians have been involved in culture for centuries, creating hospitals, universities, works of art, and political and economic systems that have shaped the world. This timeline highlights the rich heritage of the Body of Christ working through the ages.