Leaders for the Common Good
Third Third Flourishing Cohort

Create new and deepen existing relationships within the Denver Institute community after Business for the Common Good

Leaders for the Common Good

A streamlined, high-impact opportunity for those looking to join a group of Christ-centered leaders and accelerate their stewardship and leverage at work.

This initiative and the groups within it are led by expert facilitators who are passionate about helping people integrate their faith with their every day work. 

We are excited to be partnering with Jeff Caliguire, Founder & CEO of The Leader Coach and We Train Coaches, to offer this fantastic opportunity.

Who is this for?
  • We celebrate the work of the many faith-based CEO forums. If you are part of one of those groups, Leaders for the Common Good is not intended for you. We hope to provide an opportunity for leaders who are not part of a CEO or other business leaders group.

  • For those who are looking for deeper relationships and community

  • For those who want to get better at what God has given them to do faithfully with the majority of their time

What are the components?
  • A 3 month commitment (April-June 2024)

  • Six, one-hour virtual group sessions

  • A one-on-one session with an experienced coach/facilitator

  • An in-person retreat at Whisper Ranch in May. (Just outside Superior, CO)

  • Begins April 1 and ends June 30.


$597 up front or $249/month for 3 months


Gill Richard
Gill Richard is a business coach and trainer/facilitator that has a passion for leaders becoming integrated across all areas of their life (faith, home, work, community). He believes that healthy leaders build healthy cultures and successful organizations. Gill has been coaching professionally for three years and has a background in sales leadership and nonprofit boards.
Kari Hanson
Kari Hanson is a transformational executive and entrepreneur coach who also serves as a trainer and coach for responsible entrepreneurship and user-centered design at Stanford University. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and user-centered design, business strategy, responsible business, values and ethics, avoiding unintended consequences, spiritual growth and making the world a better place. Having worked as a lecturer, investor, advisor, board member and CFO,she enjoys empowering people to thrive.
Rebecca Johnson | Story Solutions LLC
Rebecca is an executive leadership coach and communications ally who has served with leaders and teams in more than 75 organizations, advocating for human flourishing in every aspect of life: heart, soul, mind, and body. She is founder and principal of Story Solutions, in addition to working with Four Streams Coaching and the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. Rebecca holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation and is also Dare to Lead Trained to guide teams with evidence-based tools from Brené Brown’s research on four skill sets of courage.
Mark Paulson | People First Operations Inc
Mark Paulson is the owner and principal consultant at People First Operations Inc, a corporate consulting firm specializing in increasing operational efficiency for enterprises. Mark spent 30 years in the data storage and cloud computing industry, 20 years as a software engineer and then 10 years in engineering management. Mark was often described as the software engineer that was different because he related well to everyone.Mark's personal and professional mission is to help leaders create the teams that everyone wants to join and no one wants to quit.
Jeff Caliguire
Since 2001, Jeff Caliguire has passionately built healthy and thriving leaders by coaching and mentoring business and nonprofit leaders to unlock their God-given potential in life, leadership, and livelihood. Acknowledging coaches as today's new spiritual leaders, he not only coaches but also equips and certifies professional transformational coaches through his company, We Train Coaches. Together with his wife Mindy, Jeff fulfills their dream of nurturing a life-giving 26-acre space named Whisper Ranch in Boulder, dedicated to the health, dreams, and collaborative relationships of leaders in Colorado and beyond.

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Third Third Flourishing Cohort

Engage the third third of your life with fresh wisdom and new practices. Grounded in Scripture and drawing from current research on aging, this theologically-rich cohort will help you be a good steward of all God has given you for this season.

Who is this for?
  • You’re in or entering the third third of life (approx. 55 plus)

  • You’re wondering what your purpose should be in the third third of life

  • You’re seeking a biblical perspective about growing older

  • You want to learn some practices that can help you thrive in this season

What are the components?

There will be six group sessions, each two hours in length on Zoom, with a trained cohort facilitator.

Thursdays: [April 11, 18, 25] [May 2, 9, 16]


Total cost for this cohort is $500


We are thrilled to partner with the De Pree Center at Fuller Seminary on this opportunity. The De Pree Center offers research-based learning cohorts and resources to help leaders live and work in a distinctively Christian way.

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