Our free downloads and e-books provide in-depth topical studies on different industries, cultural tensions, theological ideas, and spiritual practices so that you are better prepared to serve God and others in your daily work.
At Work, With God, For the World: Preview the 5280 Fellowship

This interactive resource combines intellectual study, spiritual formation practices, and professional development exercised to provide a preview of the 5280 Fellowship program.

The Call to Commerce: 6 Ways to Love Your Neighbor Through Business

This short e-book explores practical ways to serve God and love our neighbors through the business industry–a sector not always associated with serving a greater good and a higher calling.

Faith-Based Investing: A Guide for Financial Advisors

This short e-book shares practical guidance and a philosophical investment approach to help advisors achieve their client’s goals and the common good.

Politics at Twilight: Faithful Political Engagement in an Age of Ideology

This short e-book explains how we’ve arrived at our current political climate, and challenges readers to examine our identity in light of our faith, rather than our political ideologies.

Called Together: A Biblical Look at Gender in the Workplace

This short e-book explores the challenges and opportunities for men and women in the workplace.

Deep Rest: A Study of Sabbath

This Bible study looks at God’s instructions for deep rest through the practice of Sabbath.

A Study on Calling: New Thoughts for an Old Idea

This four-part Bible study examines the way Scripture defines “vocation” and “calling” and the practical implications those ideas have for our lives.

Experiencing God’s Purpose & Presence: Digital Devotional

This five-day devotional helps you explore the ways God is ready to meet you, shape you, and expand your soul through your daily work.

The User Guide to Working with [Me]: A Free Resource for Teams

The User Guide is an exercise to help teams accelerate the time it takes to work enjoyably and successfully together.