At Work, With God, For the World

What is work for?

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work, but, as a culture, we’ve lost sight of the purpose of work. In fact, we’re in the midst of a crisis of work. Globally, only 13% of employees feel engaged in their work. That number is higher in America, but only slightly. A majority of workers report feelings of isolation and alienation in their daily work.

Christians aren’t faring much better. Fully 84% of Christians say they have no idea how the Bible or their faith more generally relate to their professional life. A conversation about faith and work is often missing in our churches.

Is there a way out of this vicious circle? For the Christian, the answer is Yes. The gospel — the good news that, through the work of Jesus Christ, God is making all things new — opens up new ways of thinking about our daily work as part of God’s redemptive mission in the world. The 5280 Fellowship is designed to connect the dots between your faith and your work through intellectual resources, personal formation, and professional development.

This resource offers a preview of the 5280 Fellowship. In it you will:

  • Engage intellectual resources that challenge you to expand your understanding of the purpose of work in light of the gospel;
  • Reflect on your personal formation through the use of disciplines and practices to ground your work in the gospel; and
  • Complete an exercise in professional development to help you steward the various gifts and abilities you bring to your work each day.

"At Work, With God, For the World" is a free resource from the 5280 Fellowship and Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Complete the form below to download your copy today.