We prepare people to serve God and others in their daily work so that workplaces and cities are transformed.
Friday, Jun. 07
10:00 am
Denver, CO
A Legacy of Love: The Life of Clara Brown
Society lacks a compelling purpose and vision for work.
We see a future where every person’s work brings hope and life to their city.


Learn how God was, is, and will be at work in the Denver Institute community.


Friday, Jun. 07
10:00 am
Denver, CO
A Legacy of Love: The Life of Clara Brown
Join us to learn more about one of Denver's finest business and faith leaders.
Thursday, Jun. 20
6:30 pm
Denver, CO
Professional Women's Network Gathering
Join us for an evening of relationship-building, appetizers, and encouragement.
Thursday, Oct. 03
1:00 pm MT
Women, Work, & Calling | Work in Flux: Navigating an Ever-Changing World (Webinar)
Join us for a conversation about building discernment, confidence, and relationships along your vocational journey.

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A Legacy of Love: The Life of Clara Brown
Professional Women’s Network (June 2024)
Women, Work, & Calling | Work in Flux: Navigating an Ever-Changing World (Webinar)

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What we read and listen to changes what we think, which, in turn, changes how we behave. All Christians deserve content that changes the way they experience their work lives.


We bring together communities of Christians for personal encouragement, spiritual formation, and professional development, preparing them to work for the good of their workplace, profession, industry, and city.


We expand and deepen the imagination capacity of the Christians for their daily work so that right theological thinking and the practice of work are aligned.

Workers Bringing Hope & Life

The shift for Matt began during his 5280 Fellowship, where he considered rhythms of work and rest, which led him to take a yearlong sabbatical.
There’s value to honesty, telling the truth, and seeing people. Once you start to really see people for who they are, you can’t unsee it
Chloe saw a need to reignite the inspiration and wonder that compelled scientists to the field in the first place. The antidote? Art.
Fueled by these ideas of redemption and faithfulness, Samantha began thinking about food stewardship — how to donate uneaten meals to people who needed them?
It's important to understand that we're uniquely created with certain skill sets, talents, and gifts from God. And we should be asking ‘What is excellence?’
Through my work as a _______, Christ is making all things new.
I now realize God does have an interest in my work. It’s less about what I’m doing, but how and why I’m doing it.
It’s a huge privilege to be an employer. So we want it to be a great experience and enrich their life beyond just work.
That change of heart helped Adrienne view colleagues as neighbors, needs as opportunities, and a job as a platform.
Social apps try to invisibly create feelings in us that only God can meet. I want people to think twice about being known and seen.
Blythe has a passion to advocate for the most vulnerable in society through politics, policy and the church, believing in the "renewal of all things."
I see my work as a public service. It’s in service to the people’s stories that I’m telling and giving voice to the voiceless.”
We don’t know how long we have on earth. For now, we’ve been entrusted with a lot. It’s our responsibility to steward it at 100%.
I had this aha moment from the Lord that schools are a portal to every need in a neighborhood.

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