The Hopeful Collaboration Changing Local Schools

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What does hopeful collaboration look like in the context of education? In this episode, we had the privilege of interviewing Tracey Beal, founder and CEO of School Connect, a model of strategic collaboration that helps schools accomplish their goals while fostering win/win partnerships between businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the faith community. School Connect began in Arizona and now serves school districts across the country. Listen in and hear more about how lives can be transformed through the power of trusted relationships.


On helping people learn how to listen:

"I hope that our model is helping people learn how to listen and speak with one another in ways that are respectful and where they can find something that they can work on together. You don't have to agree on everything in order to agree on something."

On schools as the center of communities:

"I had this aha moment from the Lord that schools are a portal to every need in a neighborhood... homelessness, refugees, food insecurity, mentoring, parenting, drug addiction, you can access all this need right through a school."

On loving people towards Jesus:

"My challenge would be that every single person in front of you is an opportunity to live out your faith. Every relationship that you have in your circle is somebody that you get to love toward Jesus."


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