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The 5280 Fellowship is a nine-month program in spiritual formation, professional development, and civic influence that forms Christian professionals to serve God, neighbor, and society through their work.


We are taking a sabbatical year with the 5280 Fellowship in Fall 2024 – Spring 2025. This will allow us to focus time on launching several new initiatives within Denver Institute and allow us time to redesign the 5280 Fellowship experience.


Many Christians face doubts and discouragement in their work at some point in their lives. We feel a sense of purposelessness related to Christ’s Kingdom and our part in it. We may feel ignored for doing “secular” work by our communities of faith. We often struggle to connect with other Christians in our workplaces and industries. And many of us lead fragmented, busy, and overwhelmed lives.

The 5280 Fellowship helps Christian professionals serve God, their neighbors, and society through their work. Over the course of this 9-month program, participants gain new friendships, a clarified sense of calling, and a greater connection with God at–and through–their work.

My whole perspective on sales, coaching, and leadership has changed, and I feel empowered to change the industry!
Catherine Alvarez, business development officer
Red Rocks Credit Union


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