Read books written by current and former Denver Institute staff members that address the tensions you experience in your faith and work.
available October 24, 2023
Women, Work, & Calling: Step Into Your Place in God’s World

Joanna Meyer addresses a critical gap in Christian women’s discipleship by speaking to the roles we play in public and professional life. Acknowledging the brokenness of workplaces and industries, she provides a theological framework for women’s work and influence and offers resources for the challenges of working life.

Joanna Meyer
available January 2, 2024
Faithful Work: In the Daily Grind with God and for Others

Ross Chapman and Ryan Tafilowski show how work is a way to love God, serve our neighbors, and demonstrate the gospel. With a broader understanding of God’s work in the world, we are able to engage our daily work as part of how God makes all things new. This guide invites you to reflect on the meaning and purpose of your life’s work and to transform your work into service to those around you.

Ross Chapman
Ryan Tafilowski
Virtue & Vice at Work: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Age

In Virtue and Vice at Work, Dr. Ryan Tafilowski explores five classical vices — lust, acedia, gluttony, greed, and vainglory — and examines how they distort our everyday work. Each chapter also outlines practices to support the cultivation of virtue and transform the way we see our work, our colleagues, and our organizations.

Ryan Tafilowski
An Uncommon Guide to Retirement: Finding God’s Purpose for the Next Season of Life

People talk about retirement like it’s supposed to be an endless vacation. But what if, like the majority of those facing retirement, you can’t afford such a luxury? Or, what if you just want something more from retirement? Some advocate for no retirement at all. But you’ve worked for decades and a rest and reprieve do sound appealing. What should you do? Does God have a purpose for your retirement?

Jeff Haanen
Working from the Inside Out: A Brief Guide to Inner Work That Transforms Our Outer World

Many today are experiencing social isolation, deep anxieties about the future, and various difficulties in the workplace. For too many of us, work seems tedious, painful, or meaningless. And we don’t know what to do about it.

Working from the Inside Out pulls back the veil on the deep emotional and vocational challenges faced by the majority of workers and shows how work can become a way to love God, serve our neighbors, and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Bringing together emotional, relational, vocational, intellectual, and civic health through the seamless thread of vocation, Jeff Haanen offers a way out of the disintegration of our culture and toward a reintegrated life lived in response to God’s voice.

Jeff Haanen
Spiritual Disciplines for Your Work

For centuries, Christians have recognized that desires and actual transformation are connected through spiritual disciplines–habits that open us to God’s presence with us so we can more faithfully respond to him with the whole of our lives. We strive toward personal transformation in Christ as a key aspect of both our mission to the world and the integration of our faith and the workplace.

Denver Institute is excited to share Spiritual Disciplines for Your Work, a year-long reflection guide. Over 12 months, we’ll consider topics and practices that point our hearts toward God in our work, including:

  • Self-examination and confession;
  • Brokenness and renewal;
  • Silence and solitude, and more.
Brian Gray


Faithful Work
Your work needs a new story. This is the heart-arresting challenge Faithful Work compels us to consider…Whether you enjoy your work or are struggling with it, this well-crafted and practical book will help you discover how faith shapes and brings meaning to your Monday world."
Tom Nelson, president of Made to Flourish and senior pastor of Christ Community Church, Kansas City
Women, Work, & Calling
Women, Work, and Calling should be on the bookshelf of any female leader seeking to utilize her gifts and ambitions in ways that serve colleagues and honor God. The inspirational stories and practical advice will help women fulfill the unique work God calls them to with a sense of joy and confidence.
Cammie Dunaway, former chief marketing officer of Duolingo, Nintendo, and Yahoo!
Uncommon Retirement
This is the most comprehensive treatment of retirement from a Christian perspective that I’ve seen yet. Haanen’s counsel is wisdom for adults of every generation today: not only for current retirees and boomers, but also for Gen Xers and millennials, whose choices now will dramatically impact their flourishing in life’s latter years.
Andy Olsen
Managing Editor at Christianity Today magazine
Working from the Inside Out
"You don't need this book―if you love your job, live a balanced life, can't wait to get up in the morning, and feel content in your relationships with people and God. If not, consider this collection of deep wisdom from an expert in the crucial, but often ignored, intersection of faith and work."
Philip Yancey, author of Fearfully and Wonderfully and Where the Light Fell