Virtue and Vice at Work

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Ever since the Fall, work has been painful. While literal “thorns and thistles” aren’t a risk for most jobs, the manifestation of sin in our work is all around us, from selfish ambition to laziness and from maximizing profit above all else to using people as a means to our own ends.

But what if our work was a way to cultivate virtue, rather than a conduit of vices? What if work was actually a way to love God and serve others?

In Virtue and Vice at Work, Dr. Ryan Tafilowski explores five classical vices — lust, acedia, gluttony, greed, and vainglory — and examines how they distort our everyday work. Each chapter also outlines practices to support the cultivation of virtue and transform the way we see our work, our colleagues, and our organizations.

Virtue and Vice at Work combines theological study, historical context, and practical application to redeem our work as a way to pursue renewal and shalom. Dr. Tafilowski writes,

“There is nothing more urgent than the formation of virtue because, unless we recognize our vices, name them, diagnose them, and counteract them through virtue, their momentum will pull us away from the life of God.”

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About the Author

Ryan Tafilowski is the Assistant Professor of Theology at Denver Seminary and lead pastor at Foothills Fellowship Church in Littleton. For the past three years, he also served as theologian-in-residence for Denver Institute for Faith & Work. He holds a Th.M. in ecclesiastical history and a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Edinburgh. He has published in the areas of inter-religious dialogue, historical theology, and Christian ethics.

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