Seeing Your Work as a Craft featuring Dave Hataj

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The Faith & Work Podcast continues its feature of "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" In this episode, we interview Dave Hataj, president of Edgerton Gear, a precision machine shop that combines old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology. Listen in as we discuss the difference it can make when you shift from thinking about your work as just a job to treating it as a craft.


On living out truth:

"I really believe that when you can put the truth out there, let God do the rest. We are called to emulate truth and goodness in whatever capacity we can."

On practicing excellence:

"It is important to understand that you are uniquely created with certain skill sets, talents, and gifts from God. And so, the craftsman is responsible for asking the question, 'What is excellence?' Then he/she is going to be committed to doing their best because they understand that they serve the greater needs of the world, their communities, and those around them."

On emulating God's goodness:

 "In any environment - if you're working at a convenience store or working in an office, wherever you're at when you strive to emulate God's goodness and be an expression of His goodness in every decision, it changes the world. It really does."


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If you enjoyed our conversation today watch "Turning" a short film of the Edgerton Gear story produced by our partners at the Center for Faithful Business, Seattle Pacific University.

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