Meagan McCoy Jones on Drywall & Leading Teams Well

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In this episode, Joanna Meyer talks business with Meagan McCoy Jones, the president & COO of McCoy Building Supply. This conversation is full of insight into what it takes to create good work and how to care for those employees who make it all possible.    


On the role of business owners:

"It's a huge privilege to be an employer. I think the role of entrepreneurs and business owners to create jobs is awesome. It is so significant and it's one of the things I'm proudest of, but it's also a big responsibility. I think philosophically, we know that it's a privilege to have people come to work here, so we want it to be a great experience and enrich their life beyond just work."

On developing leadership:

"We all agree we have fundamental human needs like food, and water, and shelter. Beyond these, we also believe we have relational needs that are just as important to survival, things like respect, appreciation, security, and support. You can't give what you haven't received. As leaders, in order to lead our teams well, we want to be providing for them these relational needs. But, in order to provide them, we first have to receive them..."

On work culture:

"I think what you're describing .... is a sense of being able to show up as who you are in the workplace, truthfully who you are, and getting feedback about how people experience you. It's also, having the grace to grow through those truly difficult spots in order to create a healthier culture. That's pretty transformative."


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