Jobs that Fuel Janitors’ Dreams

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Today The Faith & Work Podcast kicks off a feature called "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" We'll hear from people who work and lead in the industries we interact with every day - janitors, coffee baristas, teachers, etc. We will ask these practitioners what it looks like to integrate their faith in the unique context in which they work - and reveal truths that can shape our own labor. In this episode, we hear from Greg & Christy Sauer, co-owners and founders of True Clean Denver, a commercial cleaning company serving 50+ properties in the metro area.


On living out the mission of God:

"Work that matters to God is work with people... A janitor falls within the very heart and mission of God. God loves an underdog, he loves the vulnerable, and we get to help them every day." -Christy Sauer

On practicing the Kingdom:

"I heard somebody call Jesus' Kingdom an upside-down kingdom, and when we started our business we had all these high-minded ideals that we thought we would achieve... But I have learned, that being generous can benefit you by looking out for the little guy, how paying more than you have to makes a greater impact, and that communicating clearly with respect goes a long way." -Greg Sauer

On the value of seeing people:

"There's a value of honesty, telling the truth, and a value of seeing people. Once you start to really see people for who they are, you can't unsee it. I can't. I just see janitors everywhere I go, and not just my own employees." -Christy Sauer


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