Faith-Based Investing

“How can I deepen my relationships with existing clients while also differentiating my offering to appeal to prospects?”

“How do I help my clients practice good stewardship by maximizing financial performance while also seeking to make a positive difference with their investments?” 

“I’m a Christian financial advisor, but I’m not sure what the Bible has to say about investing.”

Financial advisors struggle to keep up with the latest trends, grow their network of clients, and integrate their faith with their work. Balancing clients goals, a competitive return, and Christian principles of investing often feels like a juggling act.

We understand the weight of wanting to make a positive impact for your clients and the uncertainty of knowing where to start.

"Faith-Based Investing" is a free e-book from Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Through practical guidance and a philosophical approach to investing, advisors can learn the best practices to achieve their client's goals and the common good.

"Faith-Based Investing: A Guide for Financial Advisors" is created in partnership with Christian Investment Forum. Complete the form below to receive your free copy.