Thursday, Oct. 03 /
1:00 pm MT /

Women, Work, & Calling | Work in Flux: Navigating an Ever-Changing World (Webinar)

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If it seems like the world is in a constant state of flux, that's because it is. Our work, our families, our friendships, and our society are always changing, which can leave us feeling disoriented and discouraged. While lots of people offer "tips and tricks" or "life hacks" to help us cope, the real secret to feeling like we're standing on solid ground is deeper--and we can't do it alone.

Accomplished leaders Michaela O’Donnell and Lisa Slayton will share insight from their book Life in Flux: Navigational Skills to Ground You in an Ever-Changing World. We’ll learn to discern God’s voice in times of change, how to do the inner work to restore confidence, and how to build the relationships you need for your vocational journey.

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Join us for a conversation about building discernment, confidence, and relationships along your vocational journey.


Thursday, October 3 | 1-2pm MT


Online Worldwide


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Michaela O'Donnell

Michaela serves as executive director of Fuller Seminary’s Depree Center for Leadership, where she helps leaders respond faithfully to God in all seasons of life and leadership. She owns and manages Long Winter Media, a creative agency that helps brands make social impact through multi-media content.

Lisa Slayton

Lisa Slayton is CEO of Tamim Partners, a consultancy that helps leaders grow in wholeness and integrity in their work and life. Previously, she was the President and CEO of Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation.

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