The Reach of a College without Walls with President Mordecai Brownlee

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What does it look like to be a faithful presence in the field of education from a leadership level? How can community college help address the labor shortage in the state of CO? Listen in as we interview Dr. Mordecai Brownlee, the sixth President of the Community College of Aurora, as he shares his thoughts on the role that community college can play in filling the gap between earning a degree and finding employment opportunities.


On economic mobility opportunities:

"I believe that Colorado is prime to at this particular point in time to discover some new realities legislatively and operationally when it comes to workforce preparedness and how it fights and addresses poverty through economic mobility opportunities..."

On serving others:

“I will tell you it is an amazing and beautiful opportunity to serve others...”

On making good on the Lord's investment in us:

“There is a charge and a gift that has been placed in you. And we owe it to the Lord to make good on that investment.”


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