The Servant Lawyer: How Faith Shapes Legal Practice

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How might the example of Christ as a servant shape the field of law and those who have made justice their profession? These is the types of questions Robert Cochran addresses in his most recent book titled The Servant Lawyer: Facing the Challenges of Christian Faith in Everyday Law Practice. Listen in as Bob shares insights from his career, encourages Christians working in this field, and frames the importance of law for the common good.

Robert F. Cochran Jr. is the Brandeis Professor of Law Emeritus at Pepperdine University and a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. Following law school, he clerked for Judge John A. Field on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and practiced with the law firm of Boyle & Bain in Charlottesville, Virginia.


On seeing each individual client:

"It's important for lawyers to approach each client with the mindset of 'this is a person the Lord has brought into my life'..."

On the role of the lawyer:

“the primary responsibilities of a lawyer is to be an advocate and a peacemaker...”

On our secured victory in Christ:

“Our identity should come from our status as people created in God’s image and those who’ve been redeemed by the cross. We don’t need to win. I mean, sure, we go out there and we do our best, but not because we’re obsessing over being above others…”


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