Equipping Future Leaders

Since 2016, more than 75 Fellows have completed the nine-month spiritual formation and professional development experience that helps Christians integrate their career and their calling to love God and serve their neighbors. We often say that the 5280 Fellowship is meant to equip participants for a life with God, through work, for the world.As adult […]

S5E6: Exploring the 5280 Fellowship

Do you like The Faith & Work Podcast? Be sure to subscribe! Now available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify. Summary Does God care about our work? What does it look like to be a Christian in the workplace? Brian Gray talks with two alumni of the 5280 Fellowship about the program’s impact on their faith […]

Olivia Duncan
Maddie and Paul Voge: How the 5280 Fellowship is Changing Lives

We recently interviewed Maddie and Paul Voge, who completed the 5280 Fellowship, a nine-month leadership program in spiritual formation, professional development, and civic engagement.  Maddie began the 5280 Fellowship working as a freelance copywriter for a small company in Boulder, Colo., and is transitioning to a tech company this fall. Paul began the 5280 Fellowship […]

Jeff Haanen
How a Teacher, Pediatrician, App Developer and Corporate Lawyer Are Co-Laboring with Christ to Make All Things New

At “All Things New,” DIFW’s annual fundraiser and celebration of vocation, four professionals in the DIFW community shared how God is using them in their work to “make all things new” in the context of their daily work. Here are their stories:Britta Apple – High School English Teacher One area of brokenness that I encounter […]

From Colleague to Neighbor

“I grew up in the church and work wasn’t something that was preached,” said Adrienne Tafilowski, the Culture and Care Team Director at L&R Pallet and 5280 Fellowship alumna. “There weren’t small groups dedicated to the theme; people weren’t recommending books on the topic. It was kind of this unknown territory.”When she began working at […]

A Fellow’s Project: Tackling the Risks of Social Media Technology

For all its redemptive potential, we often hear about technology’s darker sides: a retail company loses customer credit card information; a popular social media platform sells user data to advertisers; and a search engine skims private emails to deliver relevant ads. Making matters worse, the apps on our smartphones seem to command our attention rather […]

Meagan Smith
More Questions Than Answers: A Fellow’s Reflections

Editor’s note: Meagan Smith was a 5280 Fellowship participant. We asked her to reflect on the Fellowship’s opening retreat and the questions that it highlighted for her. The weeks leading up to the 5280 Fellowship’s first retreat  were demanding, without much time for reflection. My main train of thought was don’t be late–and don’t miss your […]

Adrienne Tafilowski: My Time as a Fellow

Adrienne Tafilowski, a 5280 Fellowship alumna, recently wrote Brian Gray, the Director of the 5280 Fellowship, a thank you note for impacted that the Fellowship had her life.Adrienne works as the Care Team and Culture Director at L&R Pallet, a pallet manufacturer in northeast Denver. L&R Pallet has been recognized for hiring refugees from Myanmar. […]

Laura Bernero
Pursuing Your Dream in the Face of Adversity

Blythe Scott, a 5280 Fellow in the 2016-2017 session, has a passion to advocate for the most vulnerable in society through politics, policy and the church, believing in the power of God’s people to join him in the “renewal of all things.”Her passions for faith and politics became more and more integrated during the Fellowship, […]

Laura Bernero
The Five C’s of Empowering Millennial Employees

I stepped into the bright, airy office, thoughtfully decorated with modern furniture and colorful artwork, and I thought, “this is a space I want to work in.”The color of the office communicated values of culture and creativity. The open space implied collaboration. These visual cues felt purposeful during my first interview at my current employer.My […]

Jeff Haanen
“God is Excited About Your Work”

Kelly Leadbetter was a 5280 Fellow in the 2017-2018 session and works as an urban planner with Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, a consulting firm that specializes in city transportation and infrastructure projects. She spoke with Denver Institute Executive Director Jeff Haanen about her experience in the 5280 Fellowship and the program’s impact on her personal […]

Paul Frank
5280 Fellows Alum Have an Opportunity to Carry the Learning Forward

The 5280 Fellows program was a beautiful journey for me, leading to drastic adjustments in how I view my personal calling, the local and broader culture around me, and how I view my own personal fear in light of God’s voice.  We had the wonderful opportunity to engage in thoughtful and experienced teaching in theology […]