Equipping Future Leaders

Since 2016, more than 75 Fellows have completed the nine-month spiritual formation and professional development experience that helps Christians integrate their career and their calling to love God and serve their neighbors. We often say that the 5280 Fellowship is meant to equip participants for a life with God, through work, for the world.

As adult learners, Fellows come to the program with pressing questions, and the Fellowship experience is meant to answer the particular needs of each Fellow through open discussion formats, individualized learning plans, and highly interactive sessions. The curriculum for the 5280 Fellowship includes a combination of readings, conversations with senior leaders, lectures, spiritual formation activities, and professional development exercises.

As a result of the Fellowship, participants grow in their Christian belief, strengthen their emotional and spiritual health, create good work that benefits their organization, industry, and community, expand their network of professionals in Denver, and apply their unique skills and ability in service to the common good.

By the Numbers

  • 21 Fellows in the 2018–19 Class
  • 3 Cohorts
  • 8 Industries, including:
    • Arts
    • Business
    • Food & Beverage
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Information Technology
    • Law
    • Nonprofit
  • 9 Home Churches

What Others Are Saying

"The 5280 Fellowship helped reframe my career frustrations into actionable, missional purpose and connected me with others who are passionate about living their faith both at — and through — their work."

Ivo Yueh
IT Systems Development
Fellows Class of 2018–19

"As an artist, a lot of my work is done alone. The 5280 Fellowship has given me context and community where I’ve often felt like an island."

Nicole Langford
Musician, Music Teacher, Artistically Integrative Entrepreneur
Fellows Class of 2019–20

Editor’s note: “Equipping Future Leaders” is a series of posts from the 2019 Annual Report. Download the full report.