5280 Fellows Alum Have an Opportunity to Carry the Learning Forward

Paul Frank

The 5280 Fellows program was a beautiful journey for me, leading to drastic adjustments in how I view my personal calling, the local and broader culture around me, and how I view my own personal fear in light of God’s voice.  

We had the wonderful opportunity to engage in thoughtful and experienced teaching in theology and other weekly readings. Being surrounded by other Denver/Boulder professionals made for some amazing adult learning sessions. We were encouraged to engage in robust dialogue that helped realize and cement some of the hopes and dreams for the Fellows program.

Over the past 15 months, I’ve been able to engage my family, friends, co-workers, and broader culture in wonderful conversations about faith and our work.

The 5280 Fellows experience allowed me to understand that “traditional thinking” on evangelism and community impact are not just discipleship and "come-to-my-church" strategies. These are good indeed, but I was introduced to new ideas. We were invited to simply love our city and redeem all aspects of culture. This is what we need to be aware of. This is the center around which we were informed, equipped, and sent out to fulfill this mandate.  

The 5280 Fellows experience was the beginning of this informing and equipping stage for me.

Now, each person who graduates from the program has an opportunity to operate in our culture and world in ways that carry forward the guiding principles of DIFW:

Think Theologically. Continue on the foundation of our readings we had, pursuing new content and sharing in the weekly cohort setting.

Embrace Relationships. Connect with our cohorts, expand to other cohorts, and speak into the next 5280 classes.

Create Good Work. Identify new professional or cultural projects, be accountable, and celebrate the small and big.

Seek Deep Spiritual Health. Practice the spiritual disciplines we learned and employ new ones.

Serve Others Sacrificially. Ask, "what can we do for the continued growth and success of the Fellows?"

The 5280 Fellows program will continue to give me a sense of community. I want DIFW and the 5280 Fellowship to flourish for years to come.  

I believe that in light of my profound experience and growth, sharing it with my world and supporting the vision and mission is now part of my calling. I want us to crush the sacred and secular divide. 5280 Fellows Alum will continue the momentum as we impact our churches, families and broader culture.

As Jessica, Andrew, and I build the foundation for the 5280 Fellowship alumni community, we want to create a space that allows for current Fellows to build connections with the alumni community, too. We hope to encourage ongoing development of alumni in our five guiding principles cited above, in addition to encouraging 100% alumni financial support of the 5280 Fellowship. All of these will take time and work but we look forward to doing it together here in Denver for you all.


Paul Frank

Paul Frank was a 5280 Fellow in the 2016-2017 session.