Laura Bernero, Drew Yancey
Entrepreneurism: Navigating a Brutal Sport

Drew Yancey is the President and CEO of Yancey’s Food Service in Loveland, Colorado and a PhD student at the University of Birmingham.We spoke recently about his work, and his passion for the development of great entrepreneurs in our region.Tell us about your current work life. What is your work, and why is it important […]

Banks Benitez
Connecting the Invisible Spirit of God with the Work of Our Hands

I’m an entrepreneur and I help lead a secular organization based in Five Points here in Denver called Uncharted. We help entrepreneurs scale for-profit businesses that are addressing major social and environmental issues.Uncharted matches entrepreneurs with mentors and leads workshops on topics like sales, marketing, and financial modeling. We invest in the companies and do everything […]

Drew Yancey
The Entrepreneur’s Most Important Parable

Lean. Agile. Scale. Strategic speed. Continuous iteration. Fail fast, learn fast, grow fast… And on and on and on. These are just some of the buzzwords that dominate entrepreneurial culture, and they are an indication of just how blistering the pace of work is for many organizations. So I want to pose a question: Does […]

Drew Yancey
Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of God

Perhaps some of you have a similar story, but the most difficult circumstance of my life thus far — spiritually, emotionally, and in fact financially — has come through the failure of a start-up in which I was an investor. I will spare you a detailed account of the saga (or rather, I will spare […]

Tex Cobb and Entrepreneurial Math

By Joe LeiningerHave you ever thought about the absurd success/failure ratios we deal with each day as entrepreneurs?  Speaking on a personal basis, I would guess that nine out of ten calls I take on a given day will generally involve a problem that needs fixing, a challenge to overcome, or just plain old bad […]

Integrity and Social Enterprise

Dr. David BefusThe concept of productive economic enterprise that supports mission has been effective since the Apostle Paul utilized tent making to support his ministry. There are great contemporary examples, such as the Roblealto Chicken farm, that has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into ministries with children in Costa Rica for many decades.But the […]

Laura Bernero
Watch: Social Entrepreneurship Panel

Panelists Joy Anderson (Criterion Institute), Rich Hoops (Impact Charitable), Neil Bellefuille (The Paradigm Project), and Jim Reiner (Belay Industries), take questions from the audience during the recent Social Entrepreneurship Forum. Questions discussed:What do the world’s best social entrepreneurs do?How does social entrepreneurship differ domestically and internationally?What is the greatest global social need that is not […]

Brian Gray
Watch: Lessons Learned Leading the Paradigm Project

Neil Bellefuille founded The Paradigm Project, a social venture company that invests profit-seeking and philanthropic capital to create sustainable and scalable business models that deliver social, economic and environmental value within developing world communities. During the recent Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Neil explored: The differences between nonprofit and for profit funding and business models Using last-mile supply chains […]

Joanna Meyer
Watch: What I’ve Learned As An Impact Investor

Impact Investor Rich Hoops joined June’s Social Entrepreneurship Forum to share insight gained as Chairman of the Board at Impact Hub Boulder and a member of Social Venture Partners (Boulder.) Rich discussed: Transitioning from the corporate world to life as a social entrepreneur The challenges and rewards of international investment Managing risk in social investments […]

Three Things I’ve Learned after 20 Years in Social Entrepreneurship

As Executive Director of Belay Enterprises, a faith-based nonprofit organization that creates businesses to employ and job train individuals rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness and prison, Jim Reiner has seen the benefits of social entrepreneurship first-hand. Over the last 15 years, Belay has launched 6 small businesses and helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives.Jim shared:Why […]

Jeff Haanen
Global Issues Become Business Opportunities at Social Entrepreneurship Forum

“Every global issue is a business opportunity just waiting for the right kind of inventiveentrepreneurship, the right kind of investment,the right kind of collective action.”– Peter DruckerComb through the latest statistics on poverty or crime and you don’t have to look very far to feel discouraged: Almost 22% of American kids live in poverty, 800 […]

Jeff Haanen
What’s the Purpose of Business?

Dorothy Sayers can sure pack a punch.  After the second world war, in a reflection on how to rebuild the economy she wrote:“But what are we to say about a civilization which employs so many of its workers in doing work which has no worth at all, work which no living man with a soul […]