Getting to the Heart of Outdoor Retailing and Recreation: Videos from “God & the Great Outdoors”

Outdoor recreation is close to the hearts of many Coloradoans, but how does it shape our souls? How do Christians in outdoor retailing integrate their faith and work in a pluralistic industry?

In July, Denver Institute for Faith & Work hosted a conversation that explored the social, economic, and spiritual impact of outdoor retailing and recreation. "God & the Great Outdoors" featured business owners in the outdoor retail industry and Christian outdoor enthusiasts discussing business practices, idolatry, discipline, trauma and healing, and the beauty of God's creation.

Our first panel, moderated by Joanna Meyer, included Gary Aronhalt, Sabrina Little, Nathan Hoag, and Chelsea Van Essen.

Our second panel, hosted by Brian Gray, included Greg McEvilly (Kammok), Jeff Wiguna (Kuju Coffee), and Matt Thomas (Expedition Backcountry Adventures).