Dealing with Business Setbacks: Greenwood Hospitality Group

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How have business leaders navigated unanticipated setbacks due to COVID-19? And how do Christians in business deal with the uncertainty of a pandemic? In this episode, Dustin Moody and Joanna Meyer talk with Aik Hong Tan and David Park of the Greenwood Hospitality Group to learn about the difficulties the travel and tourism industry has faced this past year. 


On strengthening identity:

"The journey for me the last few years has been strengthening my identity outside of work, which has been a very deliberate, intentional, and challenging process. It's meant slowing down and really trying to find time to connect with family and community. The pandemic caused the entire world to slow down for a season. So I think that was an opportunity to really invest in those connections outside of work."

On the importance of relationships:

"What is really truly important in our lives is not things, but relationships; our relationship with God and our relationship with others around us. So that's something we need to be investing time and effort in."

On recovery and renewal:

" I'm looking forward to not just economic recovery, but a kind of spiritual recovery and renewal. A chance for people, churches, and organizations to reset and recenter on what's important. I'm very hopeful for the fruit that will be in this next season."


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