Jeff Haanen
The Expendable Worker: Looking for Hope in the On-Demand Economy

“Low, low prices.” With that motto, a generation ago Walmart took over the world of retail. For years Walmart seemed untouchable; they could consume any competitor with volume, price and efficiency. Yet in the past several years, some have questioned whether the Walmart empire has a gaping hole in the center. Forbes reported in 2014 […]

Jeff Haanen
What Might Your Work Give to the World?

When Hunter Beaumont worked for one of the Big Four accounting firms in Dallas, Texas, his office looked out a 55th floor window. Far below, on the other side of the city was Dallas Theological Seminary. During day, he was an accountant. But during the evening, he took seminary classes. The distance between his 55th […]

Brian Gray
Understanding God’s Economy

Joy Anderson, President of the Criterion Institute and a mentor at the Unreasonable Institute and Praxis Labs, spoke at a Pastor’s Breakfast on the topic of social investment and God’s economy. The following interviews focus on her 1K Churches initiative, including 5 distinct investment pathways that churches can use to become more involved in investing […]

Jeff Haanen
Pay-What-You-Can Restaurants Dish Up Dignity in Denver

The walls are Shrek green, the stainless steel lights, violet trim, and framed photos of organic food giving the space a modern flavor. Menus listed on flat-screen TVs above the counter feature pita sandwiches, Mediterranean salads, chicken enchilada soup—and no prices. As I approach the counter and breathe in the aroma of freshly baking pizza […]