What’s Next for Denver Institute (Part 1 of 3)

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Denver Institute has launched into its next season under the leadership of CEO, Ross Chapman. In this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, we kick off a 3 part series titled "What's Next for Denver Institute?" Hear more about how we narrowed in on our new vision and mission statements; and what this next season could mean for you.


On what is missing:

"...society lacks a compelling vision and purpose for work. This is the reality that we can't stand, and we think this is something that Christians, specifically, can do something about..." -Ross Chapman

On hope & life:

"We want to see every person's work bring hope and life to their city..." -Ross Chapman

On the big implications of the gospel:

"The gospel is bigger than we could ever imagine. It starts with our own lives being transformed by Christ, and it then spreads to have implications for every corner of creation..." -Joanna Meyer


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