The Subversive Prayer that Will Change the Way You Work

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On this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, the discussion is centered on the unlikely topic of the subversive nature of The Lord's Prayer. Listen in as Joanna Meyer and Abby Worland interview D.J. Marotta, a priest in the Anglican Church in North America and the founding Rector of Redeemer Anglican Church in Richmond, VA. D.J. is also the author of the new book Liturgy in the Wilderness: How the Lord’s Prayer Shapes the Imagination of the Church in a Secular Age.


On liturgy:

"The Lord's Prayer is the original liturgy for a follower of Jesus, it's the original way of liturgically using somebody else's words to engage intimacy with God."

On the purpose of liturgical practices:

"The goal is still for your heart to be engaged genuinely with the Lord, but sometimes our external practices can actually be the very thing that wakes our heart up and helps us to engage God."

On the incarnation:

"I really am convinced that the word subversive is probably the best word to describe how Jesus went about living His life and doing His ministry. You think about the incarnation - God takes on human flesh and comes to us in the person of Jesus...the incarnation itself is an act of subversion."


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