Working from the Inside Out featuring Jeff Haanen

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The internal health of our lives deeply affects who we are becoming and the quality of work we can offer to the world. So how do we practice emotional and vocational health in our lives, and what might it look like? In this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, we discuss Denver Institute's founder Jeff Haanen's newest book Working from the Inside Out.

"Working from the Inside Out pulls back the veil on the deep emotional and vocational challenges faced by the majority of workers and shows how work can become a way to love God, serve our neighbors, and demonstrate the gospel to the world. Bringing together emotional, relational, vocational, intellectual, and civic health through the seamless thread of vocation, Jeff Haanen offers a way out of the disintegration of our culture and toward a reintegrated life lived in response to God's voice."


On paying attention:

"...paying attention to what's going on inside of us and what the Lord's saying, whether we feel close to him or not close to him in a day-to-day moment-to-moment basis, that's the impact."

On our deepest longings:

"Only the life of Christ himself can answer our deepest longings."

On evaluating the systems around us:

"Whether we're in a big company or a small company or a school or a clinic, we just have to be thoughtful and evaluative about the type of system that we're in."


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