WONDER: A Scientist’s Gift to the Church with Jennifer Wiseman

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What does science teach us about God and how He works? How can Christians better understand the scientists in their midst? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray hear from astronomer and astrophysicist, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman. Dr. Wiseman shares her thoughts on faith and her work, and where the two come together.


On significance:

"...we also learn something about significance that's not based on our place or our time span, but rather on the gifts that God has given us. Such as the gift of love. We are told that we are loved that God knows the number of hairs on our heads."

On the gift of science:

"We should use our dominion to be stewards, stewards of what we can touch on our own planet earth and then stewards of this knowledge that God is enabling us to have through science and through the tools of science. For Christians that should give us a deeper, richer sense of amazement of God's creation. And in any case, we should use this knowledge to help other people be awe-struck and amazed and lift their spirits."

On our connection to creation:

"When we think about the body that Jesus had, when he was made manifest on earth, having cells that had atoms in those cells that were actually and we believe forged in stars, then it brings a whole new connection between us and our understanding of our bodies with the rest of the universe. We're part of this majestic creation. And we can be very grateful for that. And yes, awe-struck. And I hope that we realize that God knows a lot of things going on in the universe that we don't yet know about."


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