When Work Becomes an Idol

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When does work become an idol? How do you know when something has crossed the line from a good thing into the territory of a “God thing?” In this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, we interview Lauren Gill, writer, actress, and Director of the Global Faith & Work Initiative at Redeemer City to City, on these very questions concerning matters of the heart. Lauren is also the co-author and general editor of the recent book, The Missional Disciple: Pursuing Mercy and Justice at Work.


On matters of the heart:

“The heart is an idol factory.” – Pastor Tim Keller

On why we create idols:

“I think we create idols really for two reasons. One is, I think we do it because we don’t see Jesus as the most compelling, beautiful source of joy in our lives…” – Lauren Gill

On being a restorative presence:

“If you tell me I’m responsible for fixing some sort of systemic brokenness, I don’t know where to start. But if you tell me I’m responsible as a Christian for being a restorative presence in every interaction I have, that’s tangible. I can get my mind around that, and I can carry that with me throughout my day…” – Lauren Gill


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If you enjoyed today’s conversation be sure to check out Lauren’s book, The Missional Disciple: Pursuing Mercy and Justice at Work.

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