What’s Next: Work & the Church (Part 2)

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Denver Institute has launched into its next season under the leadership of CEO, Ross Chapman. In this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, we continue our 3 part series with "What's Next: Church and Work. In this episode, we hear from pastors Neil Long and Phil Heller, who reflect on how they learned about the importance of faith & work integration.


On faith intersecting work:

"That's where my faith has to intersect my work. And so I try to keep that same perspective as I think about anyone's sense of calling about how they go about life, and I try to help affirm that and also tease that out in that it's not just what you do here on this campus or within these four walls that count." -Phil Heller

On a broad understanding of ministry:

"...Even the word ministry can just as easily be translated in the New Testament as service. So trying to broaden that in people's minds, that there's a ministry of 'fill in the blank' and really any type of industry..." -Neil Long

On faith in every aspect of life:

"My calling is to serve God and to express my faith in every aspect of my life. And so, in many ways, I'm not asking anybody else to do something I'm not willing to do myself." -Phil Heller