What’s Happening in 2022

Dustin Moody

Last year, we asked our community about their challenges at work, their desire for deeper community, and the resources and experiences that would help them better integrate their faith and work. We took this feedback seriously as we began planning our programming for 2022 and considered the role that DIFW plays in helping men and women serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Today, we’re excited to share this preview for the year ahead.

CityGate Hosts its Spring Lab Series

We believe that work is good. Early in the Genesis narrative, we see God himself working as He breathes into being the earth, sky and seas, the flora and fauna and the living creatures. And ultimately the creation of human beings, to whom He gave all of this to tend and to work in it. Yes, in a broken world, work has toilsome, even painful, aspects to it. But it is both good and part of God's created order for the world.

We are all called by God at several levels – first and foremost into relationships with Him, and then into relationships with others. Our unique calling, who He made us to be, provides direction towards how we contribute to His economy in our everyday work (whether compensated or not). And while each of us share some common elements of that calling, we are also gifted and called in ways unique to us.

In our spring lab series we are pleased to be partnering with the De Pree Center at Fuller Seminary to welcome friends and colleagues on this journey of calling, work, and purpose with us.

Webinar Schedule:

  • Feb. 17th: Calling and Work with Dr. Michaela O’Donnell
  • March 17th: Calling and Context with Dr. Patrick Reyes
  • April 21st: Calling and Purpose with Dr. Nicholas Pearce
  • May 19th: Calling and Coherence with Dr. Steve Garber.

Learn more and register at CityGate.com. CityGate is an initiative of Denver Institute for Faith & Work.

Business for the Common Good Returns February 25th

Business leaders need resilience, clarity, and practical tools to navigate the changing world of work. What if principles that have guided leaders for millennia could also speak to the marketplace today?

Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work at Business for the Common Good on Friday, February 25th, an annual gathering of leaders passionate about applying Biblical wisdom to modern challenges. Together we’ll explore:

  • Biblical models for business that care for a variety of stakeholders;
  • Ways to increase spiritual and emotional resilience;
  • A vision for healing divisions in the workplace; and
  • Practical tools to love employees and neighbors through work.

Business for the Common Good will be presented live from the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Denver. Guests can view the livestream from anywhere!

Registration for BCG 2022 closes on February 23rd.

The 5280 Fellowship Welcomes its 7th Class

The 5280 Fellowship is a nine-month program in spiritual formation, professional development, and civic influence that helps Christian professionals serve God, neighbor, and society through their work. Since 2016, the Fellowship has helped more than 125 people gain new friendships, integrate their careers and their theology, understand their city, and practice a greater connection with God at–and through–their work.

In addition to hosting our next class of Fellows in Denver, DIFW is excited to continue our partnership with Circle City Fellows in Indianapolis to expand the Fellowship beyond Colorado, and welcomes the Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative for our second affiliated program.

Applications for the 2022–2023 Class of Fellows open March 1st for the 7th Class that begins in September.

Colorado Conversations Begin in April

As believers, many of us desire to know and love the people of our city and make a tangible difference in the issues facing our communities, but we often don’t know where to start. In 2022, Denver Institute is excited to introduce Colorado Conversations, small-format events focused on practical discussions integrating faith and work, local speakers, and opportunities to network with peers and new friends. Colorado Conversations are held quarterly beginning in April and are intentionally limited in size and scope to encourage dialogue and discussion. 


  • Thursday, April 7th, 11:30 a.m – “Blessed Are the Peacemakers: How to Handle Conflict at Work”
  • Wednesday, June 8th, 5:30 p.m. – “It’s All Local: Learn to Love Your Place”
  • Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, 7 a.m. – "Culture Makers: Build a Better Workplace or Team”
  • Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 11:30 a.m. – “Performance Pressure: Managing Anxiety at Work” 

Visit difw.org/events to learn more.

Join us as a monthly partner and receive complimentary admission to Colorado Conversations. 

New Courses at The Faith & Work Classroom

Denver Institute is excited to partner with RightNow Media to bring you the best in digital courses focused on faith and work, and we’re starting off with Steve Cuss, podcast host and author of Managing Leadership Anxiety.

Reactivity is contagious. It spreads within us as individuals until it becomes unmanageable, and it spreads like wildfire between people. Reactivity keeps us from encountering deep peace and freedom and it causes relational damage and stuck patterns. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With some careful observation, diagnostic tools, and practical habits, you can learn to flip the power dynamic and move from being managed by anxiety to managing it. You can lower reactivity in yourself and others and displace your anxiety with peace. You can be calm, aware, and present. 

Anxiety has a ‘gospel’ that keeps you stuck and trapped, but you can learn to notice when you are living by the gospel of anxiety and replace it with the true Gospel of freedom and peace. 

Managing Anxiety: Yours & Theirs, a new course from Denver Institute, will be available later this spring.

Women, Work, & Calling Returns October 8th

Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work on Saturday, October 8th for Women, Work, & Calling 2022, an in-person and online event empowering women to love God and serve others through our daily work. Hear how top business, nonprofit, and cultural leaders bring their gifts and influence to their callings.

Registration for WWC 2022 will open in late summer. 

Publishing - Coming Soon

When we surveyed our community last year, there was a clear desire for more books covering topics related to faith and work. The Denver Institute team will be publishing several books later this year that will be available on our website and other online platforms. Additional details will be available as soon as the first book launches–stay tuned!

CEO Transition

Denver Institute for Faith & Work’s board of directors announced January 7, 2022, that Jeff Haanen will transition the CEO role to a new leader in 2022. This leadership handoff was initiated by Jeff and comes after 10 years of dedicated service to the organization. 

Late last month, the DIFW board of directors selected Slingshot Group to lead the search for the next CEO with the goal of filling the role by the end of 2022.

The DIFW board of directors wants to hear from you! Please direct feedback, leads, inquiries, and questions about the transition to boardchair@denverinstitute.org. Look for additional updates on the DIFW CEO search later this spring.


Dustin Moody

Dustin previously served as the director of communications for Denver Institute of Faith & Work, with prior communications and marketing experience at the University of Colorado Boulder and Wycliffe Bible Translators. He holds an M.A. in Communication from the University of Colorado Denver and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Florida. He and his family attend Storyline Church in Arvada.