What Does it Mean to Be Called? Part 1 of 2

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"Calling" is a term that is commonly used in Christian life. But what does it actually mean to have a calling? Join Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray as they discuss this important topic with Daniel Steiner, a leadership coach with over 20 years of experience as a pastor, professor, and speaker; and with William Klein, Professor Emeritus of New Testament Interpretation at Denver Seminary. Together they have co-authored "What Is My Calling?: A Biblical and Theological Exploration of Christian Identity".


On 'What am I called to?':

"So we can say that every Christian has a calling because they're in Christ, but then the question is what they are called to? A calling exists, not in a person's job or ministry or station or marital status or an office in the church or government or any other circumstance. Christians are called to embrace their identity in Christ, and that means a pursuit of hope and love and peace and all those other godly virtues that are to characterize those in Christ. We need to embrace this calling no matter what job or function or station we might occupy." -Bill Klein

On corporate identity:

"Our calling in Christ gives us the opportunity to think in terms of our corporate identity. What I think the New Testament points us to is this sense of our corporate identity. That's where our being resides - in who we are in Christ. And so if we think about God's vision and Jesus's plan for the church and what it's supposed to be in the world old, this gives us a rallying cry." -Bill Klein

On who Christ says we are:

"You are not what you do. That's a narrative that we see, not just in faith communities, but we see this wrestled with outside of the faith community. This idea of 'what I do, needs to be who I am.' And that's just the furthest from the truth. When we untangle this idea, I think there's life and freedom that comes on the other side of that." -Dan Steiner


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