Virtue and Vice at Work: Temperance with Andy Crouch

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The Faith & Work Podcast is continuing with its series of Virtue and Vice at Work. In this week's episode, Joanna Meyer and Jeff Hoffmeyer discuss the virtue of temperance with Andy Crouch, an author whose writing explores faith, culture, and the image of God in the domains of technology, power, leadership, and the arts. Andy's most recent book is titled, The Life We're Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World.


On temperance:

"My definition of temperance would be essentially, the ability or the quality of pursuing enough of a good thing. To pursue temperance is to have enough of a good thing that one benefits from the good, but not to pursue too much of it."

On resilience:

"The right amount of good things actually helps us engage the world with resilience. But, too much of many, many good things, especially those that have a shadow side like alcohol, actually then again makes us less resilient."

On power:

"It's actually essential for human flourishing that each of us have power. And yet, if we are not temperate in our pursuit of power, when the serpent whispers, "Oh, wouldn't you like to sort have direct access to good and evil? Wouldn't you like to be like God? Wouldn't you like to be independent of God?" All of those are invitations to a too-muchness of power for which we are not made."


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