Virtue and Vice at Work: Justice featuring Helen Young Hayes

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The Faith & Work Podcast is continuing with its series of Virtue and Vice at Work. In this week's episode, Joanna Meyer discusses the virtue of justice with Helen Young Hayes, author and executive sponsor of the Colorado Inclusive Economy Movement, a CEO-led movement using business to build equity and economic opportunity through job creation. Listen in as they discuss justice at work in the areas of business, employee hiring practices, and the economy.


On the higher call of business:

"I really believe that business has a higher purpose and that higher purpose is to create jobs, to create employment, to create income, to create wealth, and to create dignity."

On Colorado Inclusive Economy:

"There are so many benefits to work, and I believe that one of the gifts of business, that we can bless people with dignity and self-sufficiency and thriving. So I knew I wanted to call CEOs and business leaders to engage in co-creating a state that doesn't exist today, a state that works for all people."

On justice:

"I believe that justice is about repairing that which is broken, that which has historically harmed people. And so I believe that at the heart of justice, we must first understand and we must first become educated..."


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