Virtue and Vice at Work: Courage featuring Sabrina Little

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The Faith & Work Podcast is continuing with its series of Virtue and Vice at Work. In this week's episode, Joanna Meyer and Abby Worland discuss the virtue of courage with Sabrina Little, a philosopher, teacher, and a 5-time national champion ultrarunner and member of the US national team. Listen in as Sabrina shares her experience of what it looks like to put into practice the virtue of courage in all areas of life.


On practicing virtue:

"There are very few domains left in society where we think in terms of practice or set out every day to do the same kind of work but do it a little bit better... As an athlete, you lean into the athlete you want to be tomorrow and you lean into the person you want to be tomorrow. That kind of repetition and practice is the same for how you develop a better character."

On acting courageously:

"We become builders by building, and lyre players by playing the lyre. So too, we become just by doing just acts, and temperate by doing temperate acts." - Aristotle

On surrounding yourself with positive influences:

"I try to surround myself not just with people I want to learn from, but also with people I want to be like. Having exemplars or people in my life who exhibit good qualities like courage, has been really valuable for me in just seeing what it looks like. Because it's one thing to read about courage as a word and it's another thing to see it in practice and see why it's choice worthy."


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