Transform Team Relationships with User Guides

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This week the Faith & Work Podcast discusses the importance of making your assumptions at work explicit. Everyone has their own unique working styles, strengths, and quirks that they bring to the workplace. In this episode, we hear from Brian Gray, Denver Institute's VP of Formation and the Director of the 5280 Fellowship, on the topic of transforming team relationships with user guides.


On unmet expectations:

"All disappointment is rooted in unmet expectations."

On caring for "one another":

"The truth of it is, while this is a great professional tool, it's also a deeply biblical concept... As Christians, we should pay attention to the idea and the mandate we see over and over in the New Testament around the idea of "one another."

On the user guide:

"This is both a management tool for how I manage others, but it is also a manage-up tool."


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