Ambassador Todd Chapman on Being an Ambassador for Christ

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What does it mean that we are called to be "ambassadors for Christ"? How does this element of our faith play out in the daily happenings of our work? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Abby Worland interview former U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman. Mr. Chapman spent 30 years as a career diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service. While serving as the ambassador to Brazil, he advanced a broad economic, security, and environmental agenda at the sixth-largest U.S. embassy in the world. He was the first U.S. ambassador to be decorated with the Order of the Southern Cross, Brazil’s highest civilian honor for non-citizens.


On representing Christ in the world:

"It's really thinking about, what does it mean to represent Jesus Christ in the world? To be salt and light, to make sure that people are seeing our lives and thinking, "That's someone that I would like to get to know better and find out what he or she is all about. To find out what is the source of that joy and that positive way of looking at life."

On serving the world:

"I think it's really crucial for Christians to have a vision for how they can serve the world. Whether it's going there, that's one option. But another option is we can go there with our prayers, we can go there with our funds, and we can go there with our consciousness-raising..."

On prioritizing people:

"I would say to my Christian brothers and sisters, remember in every work setting you go, you're going as an ambassador of Christ and people are going to react either favorably or unfavorably to the way that you're conducting your business. And to prioritize people, always in your work setting, look around, who can I help?".


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