The Work of Fathering

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What does it look like to lean into the work of fathering? This important work of parenting often eludes the public eye, but its impact is immeasurable. In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Dustin Moody talk with Nathan Hoag, lead pastor of The Sacred Grace Englewood, husband, father, neighbor, and active citizen, on the ups and downs of what it means to pursue the "calling" of fatherhood through the lens of a believer. 


On calling:

"I think that one of the things I try to help people do is talk through their history and their past because so much of what you're called to is actually your experiences leading up to the current moment."

On being healthy new parents:

"I see a lot of new parents, especially, sort of disappear from their relationships and that's really dangerous. Because you actually need those people to support you and to help pull you out of that. Your kids will be fine, and your kids are tired of you, by the way. That's the thing I tell a lot of new parents, it's like your kids are as tired of you as you are of them. They need you to go on vacation and to take some time away because they need to be around other adults that are not as stressed out as you are."

On creating family values:

"Strong, courageous, gentle, generous. So those are four things that we want to be characteristic of our family, both as individuals, but also of us as a whole."


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