Soul Care for Entrepreneurs with Henry Kaestner

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What spiritual and emotional challenges do Christian entrepreneurs face in their work? In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Jeff Haanen talk with Henry Kaestner, Co-Founder and Partner at Sovereign’s Capital, about how to stay mindful of your soul in the midst of busyness.


On asking the hard questions:

"The question of being a faith-driven entrepreneur is, what's driving us? Are we driven by the prospect of market share gain? Are we driven by money? Are we driven by the approval of our peers? Where is our faith?"

On making God the center:

"My hope is that the body of Christ can come together with the right motives. I've alluded to Proverbs 16:2 and 21:2, 'All of a man's ways seem pure to him'. But if we can work on something to make God famous, rather than seeking to make ourselves famous, something amazing could be built."

On finding the right fellowship:

"If we can find the right fellowship and community and stay in society, then we stand a really good chance of being able to finish the race well. If we don't, we lose it. If you're a successful entrepreneur, the dynamic will change. You won't be another anonymous member of your small group. You may be the most visibly successful person in your church. And if you do not have an iron-clad group of people who are not impressed by you as a part of your accountability group, the odds are that you will fall."


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