Sabrina Little Joins Us for “God & the Great Outdoors”

Did you hear? National Champion trail runner Sabrina Little will be speaking at “God & the Great Outdoors” on July 26! Sabrina holds the American record for the most miles run in 24 hours (152!) and she sees her work as an athlete as a vital expression of her faith. Sabrina is just one of the amazing speakers who will join us to explore the social, economic, and spiritual impact that outdoor retailing and recreation has on our community.

We’ll hear from retailers Greg McEvilly of Kammok hammock camping, Jeff Wiguna of Kuju Coffee, and outfitter Matt Thomas of Expedition Backcountry Adventures to learn how they integrate faith with their work in the highly pluralistic outdoor industry.

Ultramarathoner Gary Aronhalt and outdoor guide/pastor Nathan Hoag will discuss how recreation shapes our souls, while therapist Chelsea VanEssen will share how she incorporates backcountry experiences in her work with human trafficking survivors.

Whether you’re an avid outdoors-person or an aspiring entrepreneur, “God & the Great Outdoors” will deepen, challenge, and delight your faith.

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