S9E2: I Lost My Job: Navigating Career Transitions

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Losing a job is tough. But what we learn from the disruption and how we move forward is even more important. Joanna Meyer talks with Lisa Slayton, a career coach, about rebuilding self-confidence and trusting God through the job search process.


On embracing confusion:

"When you find yourself in this place of, I just lost the job that I thought was going to keep me on a growth trajectory, both personally and professionally for a long time, it's a place of deep confusion. Our instinct is to want to hurry up and get the heck out of there as quickly as possible. So we spend a ton of time trying to figure out what we're supposed to do next. The work is not to figure it out. The work is to embrace the confusion and see what you need to learn."

On managing expectations:

"I am very good at wanting to plan my course and yet that course doesn't usually go quite the way I think it should and it's got all kinds of rocks and pivots in its way. I have learned over many, many years to understand that the Lord does in fact establish my steps, but being obedient to that is really hard, particularly if you're used to driving things and establishing things and initiating things."

On vocation:

"There are multiple versions of us that emerge and evolve over time in different parts of our vocational world, including our work life. To believe that there's just one best version out there, that we're always shooting for and never quite reaching keeps us in this constant state of discontentment. So the work is really what's next to do and how do I move towards it?"


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