S9E1: The Changing World of Work

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How has the pandemic affected they way we work? What broader economic changes have taken place and how should the church respond? Jeff and Joanna tackle these questions around the changing world of work. 


On caring for our neighbors:

"Neighbor love is actually thinking not only about self preservation, but about ways we can respond in love to those that have been adversely affected by the pandemic... We do really need to respond in compassion and to have eyes wide open to those who have been negatively affected..."

On women and work:

"I would challenge you to look at the women, either in the community around where your church is physically located or within the congregation itself and just say, 'Are there women who are falling through the cracks who have had work support removed that need an extra boost to make it through the season?'"

On job loss and hope:

"If you are experiencing either job loss or transition in the pandemic, I think the real theological base is hope. The resurrection happened. The promise of the renewal of all things is happening. When we look at the long-term future, we are people of hope because we can see where all of human history is going. That means the story ultimately that we're living in is not, 'I lost my job, I don't have an identity,' but is actually a hopeful one."


Interested in learning more about women in the work place? Check out LeanIn and McKinsey & Company's annual report on "Women in the Workplace 2020". 

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