S8E3: Soul Care for Anxious Times

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Between the pandemic, the U.S. election, and the normal stressors of life, many of us are experiencing anxiety in our work and our relationships. On this episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, the Denver Institute team shares some practical spiritual formation habits that can help you lean in and grow closer to God in this season.


On attention and examine:

"God's presence to his creation and God's presence to people is an attribute of who he is before it's ever an experience that I have. These [spiritual disciplines] are not ways that we earn something with God. These aren't ways that we attempt to gain favor from him. How can we be mindful of his presence and aware of that amidst a life of hurry or busy-ness or meaningful things that we're attending to that might keep us from being aware of God's already presence to us?" 

On silence and solitude:

"It is very hard to listen through the noise of my own thoughts or my to-do list or the things I've left on done."

On brokenness:

"How many of our careers are overgrown tomato plants? 'Wow! Look at all the work that I'm doing. Look how productive I am.' But is there kingdom fruit there?"

On celebration and gratitude:

"There are times throughout scripture where you see that people lived under constraints, where they had their freedoms or their opportunities removed. They couldn't live life the way they want to do. Historically, this is not the first time that we've experienced a plague or a pandemic. We have to remind ourselves that this too shall pass and there are things that God has for us to learn in this moment. I think one of them is using that perspective to point us towards celebration and gratitude. And that starts with a significant shift in perspective."


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