S7E3: Justin Giboney on Faith and Politics

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How should faith inform our politics? How do we balance our convictions without compromising our values when it's time to vote this fall? Joanna Meyer and Dustin Moody talk with Justin Giboney, founder of The AND Campaign and author of Compassion and Conviction, about faith, politics, and the false choices we create.


On the brokenness of political parties:

"Political parties...are made by man...They're made with human hands; as a broken society, there's going to be brokenness within your party. If you can't identify that, then you also can't correct it."

On the background of The AND Campaign:

"What we were trying to do was respond to the false dichotomy that if you cared about justice, people felt like you had to go to the left; if you cared about moral order, people felt like you had to go to the right. But what about people who cared about both? If you look at the walk of Jesus, He always had His convictions...but there was always compassion there."

On the gospel implications of politics:

"We believe that the gospel has political and practical implications, but that first and foremost, we should be proclaiming the gospel and putting things in perspective."

On the false dichotomies of partisan politics:

"We get so caught up and so indoctrinated in progressivism or conservatism that once we walk out of the doors of the church, that's what we apply first, and that's just not what we're supposed to do. We want Christians to say, 'You know what? I have to be a Christian first,' and the only way to do that is to break out of the frameworks that I've been given by my ideological tribe or my party and frame the issues for myself."


Hear more from Justin at "The Politics of Neighborly Love," an online forum on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020.

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