S7E2: Dr. Mary Poplin on Worldviews and Our Work

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What are the dominant worldviews in culture today, and how do they impact our work? How can educators recognize and understand these worldviews for their students? Dr. Mary Poplin, professor in the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University, joins us to discuss the background and implications of four prevailing worldviews and thoughts on education for Christian teachers.


On spirituality vs. religion:

"When someone tells you that they're spiritual and not religious, what they're telling you is 'I can be good without God.'"

On the importance of understanding worldviews: 

"The worldviews that we operate under–even sometimes as Christians–are not Christian."

On the role of educators:

"As educators, we must have a curriculum that leads people to good, true and beautiful...We have to be careful as Christian educators to choose our literature so that...it deals with the issues that we have in the culture–racism, poverty, whatever it is–and that there is some redemption at the end." 

On studying the Bible:

"When you study the Bible through an education lens, you will find that knowledge is tied to the mind. But understanding is never related to the mind in the Bible. Understanding is always related to the heart."


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