S6E3: A Time for Lament

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What does Scripture teach us about lament? What does it look like be sorrowful and hopeful at the same time? Dustin Moody talks with Ryan Tafilowski and Brian Gray about the biblical practice of lament, and how we can apply it in this season.


On God and our emotions:

"God has more space to hold and deal with our emotions than we do; that gives us a ton of permission for how we can lament."

On the biblical context of lament:

"Just because we know the way the story ends...doesn't make it any easier to live out the plot in the meantime, especially in the throws of tremendous grief...Particularly in the New Testament books, all these writers envisioned the Christian life as being lived at the intersection between God's new age, which we call the kingdom of God, and the old age, which is ruled by the powers of sin and death. So even though those powers have been defeated in the cross, they are still dangerous. And they still are wreaking havoc in God's world." 

On the practice of lament:

"If we read through the Psalms, we see God allowing for anger, spitefulness, people's outright disappointment with him, pleading with God to not do things that don't seem like they're in the character of God."


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