S6E2: Philip Yancey on the Body of Christ and “Fearfully and Wonderfully”

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What does the human body teach us about the Body of Christ, and how can the Body of Christ respond, serve, and love during a pandemic? Dustin Moody talks with author and speaker Philip Yancey on the book, "Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God's Image."


On Dr. Brand's approach to science and faith:

"Dr. Brand had an unusual commitment to both science [and faith] which lead him to a great appreciation of the wonder of creation. As the book explains, the odds of the human eye, for example, or the nervous system, developing by a series of random mutations is quite a leap of faith...Dr. Brand was convinced that a creator, a loving creator, was behind that design project, and I hope that comes through in the book."

On the more modest parts of the body:

"Who are our heroes? These are the people who are in the hospitals, who clean up after us, who take care of us, who sterilize banisters, and furniture, and they are the ones keeping our society going...'We don't value them,' as Paul said, yet they're the ones keeping the whole body going. It's a beautiful fulfillment of the prophecy that Paul gave in First Corinthians 12."

On facing a pandemic together:

"This virus, oddly enough, has shown us who we are. We are a global community, these fragile, and vulnerable human bodies, living just on the skin of this planet, and we face a common threat. The way to beat a common threat is by commonality, and community. I hope that's one of the legacies that this virus leaves, that we'll join together. These things are difficult to go through, but they can actually pull people together."

On searching for answers to hard questions:

"We tend to want to look backwards. 'Why did this happen? What was the cause?' The Bible isn't very helpful there. I've looked at every passage in the Old Testament and New Testament on suffering, and times when God could have clearly answered the 'why' question, he just ignores it. The emphasis...is that pain, suffering, going through hard times can produce things like perseverance, and hope, and patience." 


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