S4E3: Steve Garber on Calling and Vocation

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How do we discover our calling? What's the difference between our occupation and our vocation? Can they even be the same thing? Steve Garber, professor of marketplace theology at Regent College in Vancouver, joins us to talk about the vision for vocation.


On exploring my calling:

"This question of 'my calling before God and service to the world' has to be marked by a deep honest sense of humility."

On vocation and occupation:

"I make a distinction between vocation and occupation: vocation is the deeper, longer word that makes sense of your life and mine. It's the deeper reality. It's the deeper story that makes sense of who you are, that makes sense of who you are different than your brother and your father and your best friend and your wife and your neighbor...Occupation is a word that gets at what I do day-by-day." 

On the tension of work:

"Everybody everywhere has some sense of tension between what I think I was meant to do, what I really want to do, and what I have to do."


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