S4E2: Working in the Presence of God

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How can we put faith into practice in our everyday, working lives? Shannon Vandewarker and Denise Daniels, co-authors of the new book, Working in the Presence of God, share practical ways to experience God in work, from our commutes to our task list.


On work as formation:

"When we think about spiritual formation, often it's secluded for our personal lives, but if we understand that God created work, then we understand that we actually are being formed whether we knew it or not in our work every day. So why not be formed towards the character of Christ in our work by being intentional about it?"

On work being good:

"We see God at the beginning as a worker; because we're made in God's image, we are designed to work. We're designed to be reflective of God in that characteristic. So work in and of itself is good. Work was designed to be something that God gave us as part of who we are and what we're designed to be."

On lamenting work:

"A lament is taking our frustrations, our heartache, our fears, our pain around work...and offering them back up to God knowing that God can and wants to hear our hearts about them."


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