S3E2: What Research Tells Us About Work in the U.S.

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How do Christians in the U.S. approach their work? Do men and women experience the demands of work differently? What role can churches play in equipping believers to serve God in their workplaces? Jeff Haanen talks with Ben Ries, associate dean for vocational formation at Abilene Christian University, and Missy Wallace, executive director of Nashville Institute for Faith & Work, about what we know about work in the U.S.

Research Highlights

  • Surveys with 1,500 individuals across a variety of industries and 33 in-depth interviews.
  • 42% of respondents report finding purpose and meaning in their work, but only 26% of Christians see how they work they're doing is serving God or a higher purpose.
  • Nearly half of survey participants report feeling supported by their church in their career.
  • "Christian men and women have similar experiences of calling a career, just not at the same time. While working fathers and single women thrive, working mothers and single men struggle for vocational fulfillment by comparison."
  • When asked whether individuals were comfortable with a female CEO: 94% of all adults say yes; 97% of women say yes; 90% of men say yes; but only 77% of evangelical Christians say yes.


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