S1E6: Sho Baraka & the Artist’s Vocation

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Hip-hop recording artist Sho Baraka joins the Denver Institute team to talk about artists and calling. Sho leads a movement in Atlanta called the Terminus Collective, which convenes believers around an inspiring vision of faith and work, catalyzes groups around the challenges of the city, and creates projects that address those challenges. The team talks through some of the challenges that artists face, as well as ways for Christians and local churches to support creators and good art.


Learn more about Terminus Collective; find them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Get to know some of Sho’s music, or read some of his writings.

Jeff mentioned Denver artist and master penman Jake Weidmann, who joined us at “Business for the Common Good” in early 2018. Watch Jake’s interview with Jeff.

Sho mentioned a quote from G. K. Chesterton: “Being ‘contented’ ought to mean in English, as it does in French, being pleased. Being content with an attic ought not to mean being unable to move from it and resigned to living in it; it ought to mean appreciating all there is in such a position.”

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